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Eliminate costly and inconsistent provider fees.  Finally, reasonable flat fees for all manner of medical records and documentation.

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Our App Anytime, Anywhere

Create HIPAA compliant orders for medical records, itemized bills, radiology images and more, from any device using the cloud.  With our convenient ‘AuthOnce’ feature, completed requests can be electronically signed by your clients at your office, or sent to them via secure email wherever they are.

No need to schedule or spend time with an office visit for signatures.

No Outsourcing

All of our staff are based right here in the United States. We only hire experienced and professional employees to handle your clients’ important health records.

Faster Results

Retrieve records faster!  Our process gets results in less time and at a fraction of your current expense.

Our Pricing

Complete electronic medical documentation for any and all dates of service from a single provider, regardless of the number of pages or range of dates.
These prices include ALL provider fees.

$100 Hospital Records

Includes all client hospital records in the custody of the service provider, regardless of dates of service.

If your client was admitted through the hospital’s ER, it will also include all ER records.

$100 Long Term Care

Includes all client long-term care records from a single service provider, e.g. assisted nursing facility, hospice care, etc.

Includes all records in the custody of that service provider.


$40 ER Only Records

Includes all Emergency Room only records in the custody of the service provider, regardless of dates of service.




$30 Outpatient

Includes all client outpatient care records from a single service provider, e.g., physical therapist, ambulatory surgical center, medical doctor, etc.



$30 Radiology Images

Covers all postage and handling of radiology images media added to an order. This is a flat fee regardless of the number of images.

Files delivered to us on media will be mailed to you. This service is also covered by the $30 flat fee.

$20 Priority Status

Sometimes you just can’t wait for critical documentation. We have you covered.

For a nominal fee of $20.00 in addition to the usual processing fee, you can request priority processing of your request.


$10 Additional Items

For any additional items requested along with your order we only charge $10 for its retrieval.

This can include Itemized Billing, Visit Lists, Lists of Disclosures, etc.



$10 No Records

Valid submission to any provider listed here that returns no records will incur a $10 fee. We will credit this fee back if a corrective order is placed.

We will always do our utmost to find the records from the provider requested.

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