Using our easy online app, you enter an order for any manner of medical documentation from any type of service provider ranging from hospitals and long term care facilities, to outpatient clinics and specialists. All orders are end-to-end HIPAA compliant.  And all from just one signature from your client!


When you authorize Records Rescue to begin work, our records specialists  verify the detailed provider contact information, means of request submission, and best point of contact. We then transmit your order using our proprietary process.


You will be immediately notified when your order is fulfilled via push notification, text message, and/or email, depending on your preferred communication settings in your account.


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Our solution includes the following features in every account.

Total Process Transparency

Unlike competitors, we do not function like a “black box” when obtaining medical documentation.  We involve you in every step of the process.  Our user portal has a variety of features that enable you to track the progress of each of your orders, research older orders, and even access archived records. Each order you place has a unique timeline flowchart.  No more guessing the order status or waiting on hold to get some weak excuse. If you need an immediate update you are always welcome to call or chat online with the individual processing your requests.  They see the same timeline you do, so everyone is on the same sheet of music.

'AuthOnce' Sign-and-Go Anywhere

How often have you been unable to submit requests for medical records because your client was unable to come to your office? Our solution includes ‘AuthOnce‘ a secure electronic signature feature that can be used on any platform. All involved parties can sign from anywhere with internet access. No more paper. No more delays. Best of all, our unique process requires only one client signature to initiate as many record requests as needed for their case.

Priority Add-Ons for Faster Turnaround

Sometimes you just can’t wait for critical documentation.  We have you covered. For just $20.00 in addition to the usual processing fee we initiate priority processing for your request.  On order placement, our staff immediately begin to follow up with the provider, confirming receipt of our request and maintaining a daily follow up schedule until your order is complete.

HIPAA and SOC-2 Compliance

Records Rescue is fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996.  We understand the importance of maintaining your client’s privacy.  Our employees are background checked, HIPAA practices certified and we have a zero tolerance policy for breach of protocol.  Our company is also fully compliant with Service Organization Control (SOC-2) as it applies to securing financial and transactional data.

Retrieval Automation

Records Rescue utilizes the latest in portal and mobile app technology to make the process of requesting your client’s medical records faster and far less costly.  It’s a simple process: 1) Enter the client’s information and authorization 2) Enter the medical service provider contact information 3) Select the type of records you need  4) Hit submit! We take care of the rest.  When the records are retrieved you will be immediately notified.

Go Mobile

Our state of the art cloud-based app can be used on a variety of platforms.  Smartphones and tablets provide a fast, easy, and mobile means of accessing your account.  You can submit requests, check status on existing requests, and even view records.  Our application is fully compatible with a wide variety of systems such as IOS, Android, Windows… you name it.

The Perfect Companion for your CMS

From the ease of ordering to the digital copies and invoices, Records Rescue makes the perfect companion for your firm’s Case Management System.  Easily combine documentation from our app to a variety of case management software systems to keep track of expenses and e-filing for your cases.

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