We value trust between our employees, customers, and above all, your client – the patient of record.  We know a person’s Protected Health Information is private.  Medical records contain intimate and personal information that must be kept secure.

As our customer, you and your client are entrusting us to be discreet. We take that responsibility seriously.  Our company enforces a zero tolerance policy toward breach of confidentiality.


We’re in love with the problem, not just the solution. That is why open communication is a core value of our company. We find the best solutions and then work with you to make them better.

We encourage employees and customers to offer their ideas, suggestions, and criticism so we can keep this promise.


Build a company the employees love and the rest takes care of itself. Most providers In our industry lack transparency in their process and pricing, and are seldom solution oriented.

We enjoy being different!


Why we founded Records Rescue

Law firms are continuously challenged in their attempts to retrieve client or potential client medical records. The costs are high, manpower hours are excessive, and the process is fraught with delay. Across our nation, there are literally millions of filing cabinets taking up precious space and overflowing with paper files. Medical record providers often charge exorbitant fees, sometimes more than $1.00 per page, to retrieve and provide patient records that often exceed 1,000 pages.

As recently reported in the HIPAA Journal, the cost of obtaining paper copies of medical records in Texas for example, can be as high as $3.57 per page, not including the cost of postage or providing images. In our opinion, this form of pricing is unfair. Through our combination of technology and deep industry knowledge, we improve efficiencies and lower costs. Both, to your advantage!

Frequently Asked Questions

How are provider fees paid?
Records Rescue pricing includes all provider fees incurred by us in the retrieval of the requested records and other documentation as described on our pricing page.  You pay only a single flat fee for the order requested, and no added provider fees.
What exactly am I paying for?
You pay for all dates of service and additional documentation from a single service provider per your request order.  You may not be familiar with this price model.  However, it is substantially less expensive than most providers, which is why we allow free portal access so you can experience it for yourself! Records Rescue combines deep industry knowledge, the latest in cloud based portal technology, and first rate customer service.  We strive to retrieve your records within 45 days and provide a single point of contact for the best in customer service.  No more waiting on hold for 30 minutes, and being transferred five or six times before being told the request you submitted weeks ago was never received.
Our firm only requires medical records occassionally. How much do we pay?
Whether you use our service multiple times a day or once every other month you pay the same fees described in our pricing.
Why does requesting additional items on an order increase processing time?
Typically requests are for medical records and an itemized billing statement.  If you require actual radiology studies or other documentation for your case, there are no additional fees.  However, due to internal issues at the medical provider, we may have to contact different departments to communicate the details of the request which in most cases, requires more time.
What is a visit list and list of disclosures?
The visit list is a list of the dates of service your client may have had at a given facility.  The list of disclosures is a document that details who has requested your client’s medical records and when they were released. Often times obtaining these documents requires our staff to contact other departments within the medical provider as well as educating employees at the provider’s facility exactly what these documents are and how to obtain them.  Because of this fact, it can increase the amount of time it takes to complete your order.
Whom do I contact if I need additional help?
Call us at (877) 557-3728 (55-RESCU) or email rescueme@recordsrescue.com anytime you need assistance.  Our office hours are Mon thru Fri, from 8am to 8pm ET, and Saturday from 8am to 12pm ET.  We are closed Sundays. Help may also be obtained online at www.recordsrescue.com.

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